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All orders are shipped through FedEx and UPS.


After receiving your order it is poured and dried before shipment. 


Shipping normally takes between 2-3 weeks. (Depending on weather and volume of order, shipment can take up to 4-6 weeks)  


If any item is broken please notify ANN ORIGINAL MOLD COMPANY within 5 days after receiving your order. Refunds and Replacements will not be made after 5 days of receiving your order. 


Replacements are awarded for any breakage during shipping.

ANN ORIGINAL MOLD COMPANY must be notified within 5 days of receiving the order by email or phone for all breakage or credit. 

After 5 days you will not receive a replacement for any of your items broken during shipment


For returns a $30 fee is charged on all checks and chargebacks.  

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